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  • BI Manager
  • Data Scientist


The Enterprise BI Portal allows you to leverage the Microsoft BI / Power BI portfolio across on-premises and cloud.
Data Governor Reduces the cost and expertise required to support a data warehouse.


The Enterprise BI Portal simplifies the report publishing process and allows you to capture commentary on performance.
Data Governor gives you the ability to avoid slow IT turnaround times to update data at peak reporting and planning periods, whilst keeping an auidt trail of historical changes to data.


The Enterprise BI Portal gives you the tools to target information to different roles in the organisation and quickly locate data for ad-hoc queries.
Data Governor enables lightening fast assembly of a 360 degree view of the organisation.

BI Manager

The Enterprise BI Portal creates a single point of access for all your BI assets across multiple tools and empower business people to self serve
Data Governor enables faster delivery of data warehouse content to business areas and automates data quality controls.

Data Scientist

The Enterprise BI Portal allows you to capture data insights in a central hub and share with target audiences
Data Governor provides a flexible data repository to enable analytical discovery.

Deployment Options


On Premise


Real Outcomes

Faster Data

Drastically reduce the time required to provision data for Reporting and Analytics

User Self

Create a single point of delivery of all information across all your tools

Reliable and Timely Information

Automate processes to verify data accuracy and reduce your processing time
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