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Meet Ezra - The only Chat Bot Accelerator

Businesses are increasingly looking to Artificial Intelligence technologies to enable them to better anticipate the needs of customers and internal staff but the process of creating a chat bot that can conduct a sensible conversation is complex.

Ezra is a digital assistant that navigates your information universe so that customers and internal staff can easily have their questions answered irrespective of which system the information is stored in.

AI technology allows Ezra to understand the intent of each question and match to a knowledge base.  Business users can then easily refine and manage the knowledge base with continuous feedback provided by Ezra and a simple tagging function for content.

Fully integrated with a unique Power BI model, the Accelerator also provides immediate insight to commonly asked questions, analyses keywords, queries and responses, and provides complete transparency to how Ezra is used.

You can test drive Ezra right here on the Perspective website (look for the blinking cat sitting at the bottom right of your screen)!

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